Helpdesk for Customers - Creating Profile and Tickets

Helpdesk for Customers - Creating Profile and Tickets

Helpdesk for Customers - Creating Profile and Tickets


Learn how to:

·         Contact SimplerQMS through the SimplerQMS Helpdesk

·         Follow old and new existing tickets created

·         Access the SimplerQMS support website and create a profile as a key-user

·         Navigate through the knowledge-based

Expected Outcome

·         Customers will have an enhanced way of contacting SimplerQMS for support

·         Sending feedback is more convenient to share


·         Access to a browser

·         Email address to create an account

You can also watch the video instructions for the Helpdesk: 

Overview of Responsibilities





Send an email to SimplerQMS Helpdesk 



Create a SimplerQMS Helpdesk account profile



Managing profile – additional information



Exploring the dashboard



Follow existing tickets



Adding more information in the ticket



Closing the ticket & sending a rating



Creating ticket from the customer portal



Work Instructions

Step 1 – Send an email to SimplerQMS Helpdesk 

                Sending an email to SimplerQMs helpdesk for the first time is similar to sending a regular email. Given your email address (or company email address) you can send an email to SimplerQMS helpdesk with no issues.

           I.            Send email to – The email can contain the subject, body of the email which can also contain screenshots and the description of the issue that you need support with and attachments if necessary.

         II.             Email response from SimplerQMS Helpdesk – An email response from SimplerQMS Helpdesk will be received around less than a minute upon sending the email. This contains the ticket number, subject of the email, and a link to view the ticket created.

Step 2 – Create a SimplerQMS Helpdesk account profile

         I.            Sign up – From the email response received after sending an email to SimplerQMS Helpdesk, click on "view ticket" .From the support website, click on Sign Up. Enter name and email address and enter the Captcha correctly. 


         I.            Administrator’s approval – Once the name and email address have been entered. The SimplerQMS Helpdesk administrator will approve the request and the customer will receive an invitation email. 

Click on the accept Invitation.

Create your password.


Step 3 –  Managing Profile – Additional information

After setting up the password, the profile creation is now completed. It directs to the profile page where it can be edited and provide additional information.

I.                     Edit User information such as name and display name & picture

II.                    Add Contact Information – mobile/phone information

III.                  Social media accounts can also be added if necessary

IV.                 Location & time zone – set the correct country based on where the customer is located and the correct time zone

V.                  Change/update password

After editing, click on Save.

NOTE: Delete Profile – If the customer wishes to delete the profile, at the bottom of the profile page, click on I understand, continue. 

Step 4 – Exploring the Dashboard



Step 5 – Follow existing tickets

I.         Email update from SimplerQMS Helpdesk agent – When the SimplerQMS helpdesk agent responds to the customer’s ticket, the customer will receive an email about the update.

On the email. It has the message from the agent and a link to direct the customer in the ticket page to see the update.


The ticket page contains the following information:

1.        Ticket ID

2.        Status – Open, On-hold, Escalated or Closed

3.       Name of the agent assigned to the ticket

4.       Channel – how the ticket was created

5.       Department

6.       Customer’s email

7.       History of the ticket – conversation flow & resolutions

I.         Accessing the ticket directly from the website

a.       Log in to using the username and password

b.       Click on “My Area” – this shows the list of tickets the customer has created, Click on the ticket you want to check

Step 6 – Adding more information in the ticket

If the customer wishes to request for more details or the customer would like to communicate with the agent, it will allow the customer to respond to the ticket directly from the customer portal.

On the ticket, click on Reply or Comment – these functionalities have the same effect on the ticket, Both reply and comment will allow the customer to type in messages, add screenshots and attachments 


Step 7 – Closing the ticket

                If the resolution provided by the agent resolves the issue, the ticket can either be closed by the agent or by the customer.

                               1. Closing the ticket by the agent – When the ticket is closed by the agent, customer will receive an email notification about the ticket being closed on the same email, there will be an option to send a rating

                                 2. Closing by the  customer – In the customer portal, on the ticket properties, an option to close the ticket is available. The customer will also receive an email notification and on the same email, there will be an option to send a rating 

NOTE: You may find a statement on the same email that by responding will re-open the ticket, this is no longer the case. Re-opening the ticket can only be done by the agent. If there is a need to re-open the ticket, customer can still respond to this ticket, the agent will still be able to see the email, nevertheless, ticket remains closed.

  3. Send a rating – On the same email notification about the closed ticket, the customer can also send a rating for customer satisfaction. It can be rated as good, okay, or bad. Also, a comment can be included to provide specific rate. 

Step 8 – Creating ticket from the customer portal

Once the profile has been established in the SimplerQMS Helpdesk customer portal. The customer can now create a ticket from the portal.

                                 I.            Log in to the customer’s account

                                II.            Click on My Area or tickets from the homepage 

                                 III.            Click on Add ticket

                                 IV.            Add necessary information such as subject, body of the email, screenshots, and attachments, and then click on Submit

NOTE:  An email will be sent to the customer with the ticket information such as the ticket number and the link to follow the ticket. 

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